July 29, 2010

More New Designs

More new designs are in the pipeline.

We are hoping to bring a few exciting designs this time of the year from wrap.box.

One of them is shown today, which is known as 'Iri'.

July 27, 2010


The new design, 'Damask' will be in the market soon

May 12, 2010

wrap.box at ODEL

Our products are now available at ODEL.

April 20, 2010

wrap.box on PRIME TV

wrap.box will be featured in "IN Style" program on PRIME TV on 21st April at 9 a.m.

April 17, 2010

Wrap.box - Gift boxes

By Melanie Bamunusinghe

You need a nice birthday wrapping for a dress you are giving to your friend on her 20th Birthday. What do you do?

"Flimsy material such as most clothes don't look nice if wrapped in just wrapping paper, the effect of a present is not there and most people make a mess of wrapping it in a hurry," says Nadika Jayaweera, the owner of wrap.box, a novel idea for people to wrap their presents.

"wrap.box" is a new concept; developed to help you with the hassle of gift wrapping for any occasion, for Christmas, New Year, Birthday Parties, and for the upcoming Mother's Day celebrations. Wrap.box comes in an easy to store package and in 3 easy steps you can make a gift box that adds that extra value to your gift.

With the wrap.box, a saree, a shirt, blouse, skirt, dress or even books or scented candles or framed family pictures can be nicely packaged in an elegant box and for a decent price. The convenience of this box, as explained by Nadika, is that you can store and stack many of these boxes, since it is compressed until you decide to use it to wrap a gift where you can staple the box and have it ready in 3 quick steps. "The hassle with other boxes is that they're already made and take up space or get tempered, well with wrap.box, these issues are minimized," she says….

Above is an excerpt of the Daily Mirror article published on Saturday the 17th April 2010. Please click here to view the complete article.